Aims and Scope

The aim of the journal is to promote the development of innovative, fundamental and applied research all areas of science biological safety, biological security, biotechnology, veterinary science, medicine, molecular biology and genetic engineering, phytosanitary.


- publication of articles containing the results of original open research (theoretical and experimental) works, scientific and practical and innovative activities of scientific workers of universities and scientific institutions of Kazakhstan, countries near and far abroad in the area of veterinary science, medicine, biotechnology, biological safety, biological protection, molecular biology and genetic engineering, phytosanitary

- formation of atmosphere of open scientific controversy, which contributes to further improving the quality and efficiency of scientific research, improving the examination of scientific works;

- ensuring the transparency of the process and the results of the work of various research teams, scientific schools and the maximum opportunity to familiarize Kazakh and foreign scientists with them.

The journal also publishes overview reports.

The journal publishes 4 issues in a year.

The working language of the journal is Kazakh, Russian and English